The Center For Disease Control Recommendation

The Center for Disease Control Recommendations

Covering your face when you leave the house is a “voluntary public health measure” and must not replace proven precautions like self-quarantine at home, social distancing and thoroughly washing your hands.

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain like malls, pharmacies, indoor arenas and other public settings.

Cloth face coverings should:

• Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
• Be secured with ties or ear loops
• Include multiple layers of fabric
• Allow for breathing without restriction

How to take Mask On and Off

Always wash your hands first. Don’t touch the inside fabric part of the mask – that’s essentially the germ filter, and you don’t want to spread whatever germs it has trapped. Use the ear loops or ties to secure your mask and to remove it.

How to Care for Cloth Mask

Cloth masks should be washed frequently. I suggest that you hand wash the mask in the sink with soap or dish liquid and hand to dry. Although it’s not necessary, you can go over it with a warm iron or toss it in the dryer for a full assault on any germs that might remain. It is not recommended that harsh chemicals such as bleach be used because it can break down the fibers in the fabric.


The Mask is made with Clean Air H-10 Cloth Material and provides 5 Layers of Filtration. The more layers the better the filtration. However, you should always make sure you can breathe easily through all materials. There currently are no guidelines to how often you should change your Mask. It is recommended that you change the Mask when the fibers in the fabric break down. You can easily recognize when this happens when you hold the Mask up to a bright light.

Stay Safe and thank you for your purchase.